Monthly Picks - September 2023

Lynette Fisher - Guest Curator September 2023

Each month we ask one of our artists or collaborators to select and share two works from the gallery that they connect with and why they would like to add them to their personal collection.

This month our guest curator is Lynette Fisher, the newest addition to Quirky Fox. Lynette’s art ranges from painting, printmaking, drawing and assemblage. Lynette’s work is layered and narrative: often investigating themes of adoption, guardianship and ownership - appropriating existing imagery and re-placing it in awkward and re-imagined worlds.

Lynette shares what works she would add to her collection and why. 



Tomorrow Is Another Day by Joon-Hee Park

Tomorrow Is Another Day by Joon-Hee Park

I could easily live with this little painting by Joon-Hee Park.

It parallels a lot of the themes I use in my own work – whimsy, nostalgia and memory with a bit of underlying other-worldliness. I think atwork should transport us and make us look at things in different ways, even for a few moments.

I love that Tomorrow Is Another Day is self portrait of sorts, telling stories within stories of the artist's  own experiences of childhood, and hints at a past that many of us share – trotting off to the end of the garden and dreaming that our toys could come alive, leaving us awestruck as they float off to magical adventures only to reappear tomorrow back in our bedrooms… safe again.





Bubbles - White & Baby Blue by Ruth Ju-shih Li

Bubbles - white & baby blue by Ruth Ju-shih Li

I really know next to nothing about ceramic work, but I have a great respect for anyone who can wrestle with mud and end up with beautiful objects like the ‘Bubbles’ works by Ruth Ju–shih Li.

There is something special about the delicate balance of the perfectly formed bubbles and the smear of pastel blue  - almost like a blob of half dried paint or icing that may droop over them any second.

I am an accidental collector of weird and wonderful things like this, so this could definitely come home with me!

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