‘Bystander’ - A Solo Exhibition by Andie Taylor.

Perth based artist, Andie Taylor will showcase a series of eight new works in his exhibition ‘Bystander’ opening Wednesday 13 September.

Shelter by Andie Taylor

Andie is an Australian oil painter with a BFA in Illustration. His fine art work is structured around a framework of subtle narrative components, connected like the cables on an old synthesiser to the droning undercurrent of philosophical questioning. Themes spanning time, memory, entropy and identity weave and meander together, dividing at times to explore new ground, all exposed through series’ of veiled visual metaphors.

Andie’s process is led by intuition, driven toward an aesthetic of balance somewhere between chaos and serene peace and intentionally avoidant of direct meaning. As a subliminal operation of self-discovery and reflection, each new work grows from the former, expanding as a universe of malleable icons at once, juxtaposed and harmonious. Andie’s worlds of brush strokes become tangible through his experience of this reality, but they can only be as meaningful as we may understand or assign them to be.

We first introduced Andie to the gallery in our 2022 birthday group show ‘Deep Waters’ where his work ‘It’s Probably Analytical’ was the first snapped up.

It’s Probably Analytical by Andie Taylor

‘Bystander’ serves as a record of otherwise forgotten events. These moments emerge from a world much like ours but fashioned through distinct evolutionary processes. To contextualize this array of motifs, we must rewind about a decade, to a period when the artist resolved that he could delve into his philosophical musings without conceding to didactic implications. The resulting landscapes transformed into contemplative concepts with intertwining conversing elements.

This lexicon of visual metaphors grew organically, morphing and reshaping their meanings over time. Beyond the binary constructs of the original concepts, an entirely new world unveiled itself, initially crafted by the artist but now beyond his grasp. In moments of stillness, the artist found himself transported to this world, a realm he hadn't deliberately chosen. He curiously explored this land, deciphering its elements from the textures of decay to the overgrown moss. These fleeting, visceral visions before returning to reality became more frequent, revealing uncharted territories and posing more questions.

Criterion by Andie Taylor

In the subsequent days, weeks, and months, the artist contemplated these experiences, their sensory impacts, and underlying significance. Embracing the metaphoric vocabulary he'd created years before, he delved into unfamiliar terms and concepts, seeking to decipher what he had glimpsed and what the new world was disclosing. What once constituted a defined language with boundaries and linear interpretations had now outgrown its origins, evolving autonomously. The artist transformed from its creator into a bystander, peering through a window alongside others, as the world itself determines its enigmatic revelations.



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