Monthly Picks - November 2023

Sara Baun - Guest Curator November 2023

At the start of each month we reveal the what one of our artists would add to their collection if they were given the choice through our guest curator blog.

This month we moved our blog post back slightly so our guest curator could pick from our new exhibition, which also features their work.

Sara Baun, is an Italian contemporary artist who portrays the dark and surreal, focusing on animals as her primary subject. Sara has been drawing since she can remember, and despite various jobs through college, art was always part of her live and her calling.

Sara shares with us two pieces she would add to her collection if given the opportunity:


Ballyboley Games by Monika Mitkute

Ballyboley Game - Monika Mitkute

I'm a huge fan of Monika, every time I see her pieces I can feel a hint of dopamine. 
I mean, have you seen those little creatures of hers? 
They're beyond adorable, they make you wanna follow them into the sheet to see what they're up to and befriend them to seek adventures together. 
They're not just adorable tho, they are spooky too and that's the real deal for me, isn't adorable and spooky the perfect combination? 
I'd also say that I'm always stunned about how tiny her characters are, the details are insane.


Criterion by Andie Taylor

Criterion - Andie Taylor

This one was easy for me. I'm literally obsessed with bones and post-apocalyptic scenarios, so. 
I find them beautiful and scary at the same time, and Andie's artworks give me surreal and last-human-on-earth vibes, how amazing. 
I look at them and get lost in this unsettling yet full of wonders dream where I'd surely fight the fear of the unknown (and ghosts maybe?) to go and explore these places. They remind me of a baby me, going on walks in the woods with my parents and we sometimes found old, abandoned houses that me and my sisters always have been fascinated by. 
And I feel like when a piece of art reminds you something beautiful it's the right piece for you.

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