Monthly Picks - February

Welcome to our February Guest Curator post. In this series, we invite our artists and collaborators to handpick two pieces from our collection and share their thoughts on why they chose those particular pieces.

We believe that art is meant to be experienced and shared, and this series is an opportunity to hear from the artists themselves about what inspires and resonates with them. Through their selections and explanations, we hope to provide a unique perspective on the artwork and foster a deeper appreciation for the pieces.

This month our guest curator is Anna Kathleen.

Anna Kathleen is a New Zealand based illustrator who sits outside the boundaries of traditionally taught illustration. With no formal training she has developed a strong style of her own that captures surreal moments and combines them with captivating female expressions.


Monthly Picks - February by Anna Kathleen




Fracture/Memory - Meredith Marsone


Fracture/Memory by New Zealand artist Meredith Marsone is a piece that I found particularly striking. The woman's gaze reflects an inner stirring of reminiscent thought and provokes emotion from the viewer as we try to piece together her story. Meredith's technique for capturing her figures in oil is both beautifully soft yet skilfully technical.



They Came From the Sea by Thomas Jackson at Quirky Fox


They Came From the Seas - Thomas Jackson 

I was immediately intrigued by "They Came From the Seas" a stunningly rendered piece by Australian artist Thomas Jackson. Featuring a painstakingly detailed Tiger Snake, this highly venomous, Australian native would typically be avoided due to its potentially fatal bite, yet Thomas allows us to get up close and personal to see its breath-taking beauty as it winds around a gorgeously painted piece of Firewood Banksia, also native to Australia. The creative element of design adds the final perfect finishing touch. 

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