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Meredith Marsone

Fracture / Memory | Original

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'Fracture/Memory' is an original framed oil on panel by New Zealand artist Meredith Marsone.

Year: 2017

Image Dimensions: 305mm (w) x 305mm (h)

Framed Dimensions: 335mm (w) x 335mm (h)

Medium: Oil on board

Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

Working mainly in oils, Meredith Marsone's works are a blend of figurative and abstract. Her contemplative figures are obscured and softened by the addition of gestural paintwork applied over the top of the fully rendered portrait. This technique, combined with Marsone's knack for capturing complex emotions draws the viewer in and encourages them to create their own narrative.

An artist for many years, in 2015 Meredith's work took a new direction when she smeared paint over what she deemed a failure of a painting. This new direction has been refined over a period of time to create Marsone's signature look: blending complex figures with abstract blurs. Meredith's subject matter centres around the figure as they move through the myriad of human experiences. Accessible and relatable, the works leave the audience wondering the deeper context.

Currently based in Wellington, Meredith's work is shown in selected galleries across the world.