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Taranaki Summit | Limited Edition

Justine Hawksworth

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Limited edition by Justine Hawksworth featuring tui and flax over a vintage map of Mount Egmont/Mount Taranaki.

Edition Size: 100

Year: 2023

Image Dimensions: 375mm (w) x 525mm (h)


Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

Dividing her time between family, painting, and designing, Justine Hawksworth’s work is largely inspired by the kiwi bach, the beach and the sea; native birds, historic documents, copper, and lace combine in contemporary designs.

Raised in Tauranga, Justine graduated from both the Elam School of Fine Art with a Bachelors Degree and Auckland College of Education before teaching Art & Design. Finding the balance of teaching and creating her own works a challenge (on top of raising a family) Justine eventually turned her spare room into her personal studio - although her work sometimes stretches across the kitchen table and into the lounge when multiple works are on the go.

Working from her Mount Eden home, Justine works predominately in acrylic and pencil on recycled marine charts and maps, aiming to evoke thoughts of holidays and places visited, treasures collected and memories made. Recently Justine has added copper elements to her works either as finishing touches to vintage oars or as a canvas in its own right.

Taranaki Summit Limited Edition Print by Justine Hawksworth