Monthly Picks - May 2023

Patricia Fox - Guest Curator May 2023

Each month we ask one of our artists or collaborators to select and share two works from the gallery that they connect with and why they would like to add them to their personal collection.

This May we’ve done something different. The second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day in New Zealand and without my Mum, Patricia Fox, Quirky Fox wouldn’t be possible - she gave me the encouragement I needed to leave a job I were unhappy in and start Quirky Fox.

She countersigned when as a single woman in her late 20’s I couldn’t get a business loan. She then stepped back and let me do what I needed to make Quirky Fox a success while also being there to help during the busy times, or run random errands like running to the bank, or letting me finish a bite of lunch when customers come in. She is also the main lacer of any embroideries that come in for framing.

We have very different taste in art but as Mother’s Day approaches it seemed fitting to ask her which works she would add to her collection (hopefully this might help others with hard to buy for mums too).


Union Jack by Gillian BuckleyUnion Jack by Gillian Buckley

Gillian’s work intrigues me. I want to know how she achieves such depth, evenness and smoothness with a biro. A simple tool but used so well. The evenness of colour and stitches, how?




Stare of A Lion by Carne GriffithsLion by Carne Griffiths

Carne’s combination of loose almost abstract splashes of colour and graphite combined with the detail in the eyes appeals. 
There’s colour and looseness and then these intense eyes.
There’s two versions in the gallery and the expression on each differs showing how the hand embellished finishing make a difference.




Thank you for reading this selection of guest curator’s pick. I hope if you’ve got a tricky Mum to buy for this might give some guidance, if nothing else maybe it will encourage you to thank your Mum (or Mum friend).

We will have a new guest curator and new selection in June.

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