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Barbara Podmore

Who Would Like Some More Ice | Original

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Artist Barbara Podmore combines surreal landscapes and wildlife to stunning effect in her original oil paintings. 'Who Would Like Some More Ice' is a humorous yet thought-provoking work, encouraging the viewer to think about the effect we have on the environment but also find humour in the everyday.

Year: 2021

Dimensions: 600mm (w) x 750mm (h) 

Medium: Oil

Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

Barbara Podmore grew up in Zimbabwe before living in Botswana for 10 years.  During her time in Botswana, she focused on painting wildlife and birds and winning the Botswana Wildlife Artist of the Year competition in 2013 and 2014.

Moving to New Zealand in 2019, Barbara was faced with many challenges including restarting her art career in a new market and a global pandemic.  While this presented many difficulties it also allowed Barbara the time to start over with no expectations and allowed her to combine her love of wildlife with other interests including Jungian archetypes, Christian symbols, fantasy, psychology, portraits, landscapes, birds, space, and still life

Taking a sabbatical from actually painting allowed Barbara time to plan her paintings with plans for more than fifty surreal paintings, six of which are complete.

Barbara allows herself to "...think about symbols, archetypes and colour and allow myself to dream, to look at the world from upside down."

Barbara aims to create a series of unique works that resonate with the viewer while still portraying her personal vision and variety of interests.