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Urshanabi | Limited Edition

Leo Buckett

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'Urshanabi' is the result of a long-standing idea in the head of artist Leo Buckett: under the cover of night, Urshanabi, Sumerian ferrywoman of souls, dark gatekeeper to the land of the dead, enters with the mist to the ruins of Christchurch/Ōtautahi’s earthquake-ravaged city, stealing abandoned pieces of a decaying, broken Cathedral.

'Urshanabi' is a limited edition signed and numbered unframed print. It has been printed on archival paper and is limited to just 30 copies.

Edition Size: 30

Year: 2020

Image Dimensions: 680mm (dia) 

Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

Leo Buckett is a New Zealand based Artist with training in both traditional fine art and contemporary design. Combining the two, Buckett creates dreamlike images with dark textural elements and stark, contrasting tones and colour. Often depicting stoic women in minimalistic environments, balancing intricate detail with simplified form and distorted proportions. His work can often be recognised by noting the graphic execution of the finished product and the colours which jump out from the work.