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Thinky Pinky | Open Edition


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'Thinky Pinky' hides from civilisation in New Zealand's forest. Some believe he escaped to New Zealand after being teased by his relatives for having pink fur and small feet compare to the dark brown hair and big feet the rest of the family are known for.

'Thinky Pinky' is an open edition print recreated from an original painting by Anika Ramholdt from Darktopia on a vintage oil painting found at a charity shop.

Dimensions: 235mm (w) x 336mm (h)

Medium: Open Edition

Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

Darktopia is a creative partnership between sculptor Perry Logan from Christchurch, New Zealand and painter Anika Ramholdt from Canberra, Australia. All pieces are carved from recycled wood and finished in acrylic paint. Darktopia endeavors to blend a handcrafted, folk sensibility with cult and retro influences, a love of nature and reverence for pop culture.