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The Basket Weavers #3 | Original

Rachel Favelle

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Basketry is more than weaving. It represents a connection with the environment: collecting materials at specific times of the year, preparing, aging and dyeing. Many birds also engage in weaving by collecting sticks to create their own nests. While the sticks present in this series reflect natural materials, these circular collars that adorn the birds are a metaphor to the fashioning of nature by humankind.

Year: 2023

Image Dimensions: 120mm x 120mm

Matted Dimensions: 220mm x 220mm

Medium: Acrylic on card stock

As part of the ‘2023 Mix & Match exhibition’, you can purchase this artwork one of two ways

  • As is, unframed – you will receive your work matted to the size of 220mm with a colour especially chosen by our experienced in-house framer to enhance each artwork. 
  • Add a frame for only $75 – you will receive your work professionally matted and framed. We have a wide range of frames cut to size that you can ‘mix & match’ for a bespoke piece, customised to you.

Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

Rachel Favelle is a Pop Surreal artist and illustrator. Her work is inspired by the Australian flora and fauna that she encountered while growing up in the country. Her fantastical imaginings emerge in meticulously rendered oils paintings, drawings and sculptures that whisk viewers away to otherwordly places. Rachel's work highlights the beauty of nature and the importance of childhood imagination while also providing pressing commentary on wildlife conservation.

In her words:

"My work exists in a space suspended between dreams and reality. I want to acknowledge the importance of childhood memories and imaginative play. Children have an instinctive curiosity when it comes to nature, I want people to revisit this experience in order to think more deeply about how they engage with their surroundings."

With degrees in illustration and art education, Rachel has been an advocate for the art industry for the past twenty years. Career highlights include exhibiting with Beautiful Bizarre Magazine in their museum show, ‘Interconnected’ in 2022 and featuring in their publication that same year. Rachel's first international solo show opened in Chicago in 2019 and has participated in numerous exhibitions across Australia, Portugal, the United States and New Zealand.

The Basket Weavers