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No Wifi | Limited Edition

Lotte Hawley

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'No Wifi' is a limited edition print reproduced from an original work by Lotte Hawley, reminisces a time when children when free to explore and use their imagination to create new worlds.

Each limited edition print of 'No Wifi' has been signed and stamped with a white ‘Lots’ authentication seal.

Please note: Lotte's work is printed to order and will take approx. 1 week to send.

Year: 2020

Small: 210mm (w) x 297mm (h)

Medium: 297mm (w) x 420mm (h)

Large: 594mm (w) x 841mm (h)

No Wifi | Limited Edition

Lotte Hawley is a New Zealand artist/illustrator who makes marks on street walls, interior walls, and the traditional pencil or paint to paper. Born and bred in Wellington NZ, Lotte moves where the work is and has spent the last 5 years developing her brand and skill as an artist as much as the final works itself.

Two distinctive styles personify her work; one a detailed, pencil rendered illustrative style, and the other, a contemporary pop art line work style. Lotte enjoys the ability to work both small and large scale, creating intricate detailed drawings, to large expressive work.

Lotte signs all her original works, with a beautifully designed signature seal logo of her preferred nickname – ’Lots.’ She continues to produce original prints and illustrations purely for the love of creating.