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Lottie | Limited Edition

Rachelle Sutherland

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At first glance 'Lottie' appears to be a simple black and white rendition of an open rose. However, on closer inspection, it becomes clear the rose has been created using hundreds and thousands of dots in a method called stippling and the rose, as it would in nature, has drops of moisture and bruised petals.

'Lottie' is part of Rachelle's Sutherland's 'materfamilias' series which explores the matriarchs from our past and present. Throughout the 'materfamilias' series, the rose represents what is passed on from one generation to the next. It can be manipulated, it can evolve: history can't be changed, but what we carry into the future can be.

Edition Size: 50

Year: 2019

Image Dimensions: 250mm (dia)

Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

Self-taught artist Rachelle Sutherland explores a variety of artistic mediums from painting and ink works to embroidery.

Growing up in Taranaki, Rachelle returned home after some time overseas and now resides on a lifestyle block in Hawera with her husband and young family. When not at work, or spending time with her children and pet Clydesdale, Rachelle can be found in her home studio unleashing her talent.

Rachelle’s current work showcases the time-consuming mechanism of “Stippling” – a process using small dots of ink to create an image. Rachelle’s current pieces are inspired by wildlife and the struggles that beautiful creatures all over the world face often due to humans.

Having long supported and admired the works of other artists, Rachelle took the leap in 2017 to start exhibiting her work in galleries and competitions.

Quirky Fox is privileged to be Rachelle's first gallery.