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Aaron McPolin

It's Only Armour | Open Edition

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'It's Only Armour' is part of a series of work by Australian fine art photographer Aaron McPolin.

In the series 'A Tender Dissolution', Aaron McPolin explores the grace of the BDSM practice 'shibari', the art of rope binding. A combination of delicate floral designs, fine art nudes, and masterful shibari kinbaku brings a story of intimacy, trust, and devotion, expanding the thoughts towards how we can connect with one another and our taboo selves.

Printed on Ilford Smooth Cotton Rag archival paper.

Year: 2019

Dimensions: 405mm (w) x 510mm (h)

Medium: Fine art photographic print

Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

A creator of visual messages, Aaron McPolin explores narratives through the mediums of photography and videography, focusing on the areas of subculture, shining a light upon taboo realms and giving the audience an insight into other worlds they may never have experienced, or fully understood.

His art and commissioned works have been featured globally in magazines such as Vogue, Playboy and Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, while also winning the international photography awards for the categories of fine art, advertising and beauty.

With a design and advertising background, McPolin is deeply inspired by visual communication, the nuances of culture, our joint history and social practices. McPolin launched his first studio with a solo show 'A Patter of Rebirth' and encouraged collaboration and education in the art and fashion community through curating group exhibitions, events and runways. This push for education led McPolin to lecture at Curtin University and develop his own courses that he taught to a number of colleges, universities and on the HMS Queen Elizabeth, inspiring and influencing his exhibition 'A Tender Dissolution' and to later establish the 'Treasure The Erotic Museum' alongside co-artist Colin Burn.