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It’s Safe to Let Them Fly | Original

Sara Baun

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Year: 2024

Image Dimensions: 255mm x 370mm

Matted Dimensions: 480mm x 600mm

Medium: Ink

Framing Specifications: Custom framed in a wide ornate black frame with a double cream mat. Finished with UltraVue UV70 glass for a crystal clear finish with reduced reflection.


Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

Sara Fasolin, also known as Sara Baun, is an Italian contemporary artist who portrays the dark and surreal, focusing on animals as her primary subject.

Driven and moved by emotions, she constantly learns how to put them on paper to explore, live and understand them as deeply as possible. Fasolin went to college and did a lot of various jobs over the years, but art was always there. She has been drawing since she can remember, and at one point, she felt the need to spend more time creating. Therefore, she quit her job in 2019, dedicating as much time as possible to improve her drawing skills.

Original ink drawing by Sara Baun - It’s Safe To Let Them Fly