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Jed Sevard

Grubb | Sculpture

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Since 2018, Jëd Sëvard has ventured deep into the forest while expertly swinging a butterfly net in order to catch beady-eyed yet heart-warming strangelings (formally classified as Grubbs).

These quirky little plasticine clay aliens - which are approximately 15 cm tall - landed on our planet after taking a joyride via one of NASA's 1970s space probes. (Indeed, they're clever little critters!)

Alas, their hijacked vehicle went kablooey in the middle of a vast expanse of trees, and while there were no casualties, we'll be honest - they're mischievous little buggers that tend to wreak all sorts of havoc when they're left to their own devices.

And yet....just look at their innocent little faces...aww so sweet and cuddly...they just need a loving family to set them right!

The Grubbs are fickle by nature and come and go quite quickly so please let us know if you are after a specific colour or we will send you the first one we can capture.

Year: 2022

Dimensions: 50mm (w) x 150mm (h) x 45m (d) 

Quirky Fox: Art + Framing


Jed Seward is mainly known for his Grubbs: a unique mini art toys/ figurine about 15 cm tall, made of resin and polymer clay and usually painted with acrylic.

According to Jed, the Grubbs:

“arrived on Earth via a hot-wired Voyager probe from the 1970s that crash-landed in an undisclosed forested area in Auckland circa 2016. They are believed to be a sort of miniature alien deer and naturally occurring criminals but redeem themselves through their nocturnal chittering and handsome appearance. Data is scant as to the general nature of their activities and the extent they can be prosecuted under the New Zealand criminal justice system. They have been observed enjoying and cultivating Woowoo berries, a possible narcotic with an acrid taste of bitter apples and seagull feather tea.”

Jed hunts the Grubbs down using a butterfly net in parks and gardens across Auckland.