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Gone to Seed | Limited Edition

Leigh Schneider

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‘Gone to Seed’ is limited edition fine art photography print by Leigh Schneider.

Even when it seems all is lost, if you look closely, there may be seeds of potential hidden in plain sight...

Wildflowers don't really die. They turn to seed; symbolising potential for new growth.

This image is for anyone who feels like they are enveloped in loss, or that there isn't much hope right now. Maybe something has gone to seed like the wildflowers. Countless new possibilites might spring up in a new season...

The work is available either ready matted or matted and framed in framed in a modern tapered black frame with TruVue glass.

Year: 2021

Dimensions: 320mm (w) x 400mm (h) unframed, 440mm (w) x 530mm (h) framed

Medium: Digital photograph, limited edition giclee print framed with conservation grade glass

Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

Leigh Schneider is a Conceptual Fine Art Photographer. Born in 1986, she grew up between a small town in farmland Waikato, New Zealand and remote desert in the Outback of Queensland, Australia.

Her interest in photography started at the age of sixteen, when she won a regional competition for analogue portraiture. Leigh went on to gain a Bachelor’s in Computer Graphic Design, working in the field for a decade. In 2017, after a house robbery resulted in the loss of all her work, she decided to reinvest the insurance payout into her first full-frame digital camera. From there, she began to self-teach Fine Art Photography and fell in love with the process and possibilities of the digital medium.

Leigh has worked commercially as a Fine Art Photographer and Art Director, creating cover art for professional musicians and the image world for a German creative agency.

Leigh's work has been awarded and published internationally. Most recently, Leigh’s piece ‘A Wing and a Prayer’ saw her named as a finalist in Beautiful Bizarre’s 2022 Annual Art Prize. Her image ‘Pupae’ appeared in print, in Issue 38 of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.

Leigh currently resides near Frankfurt, Germany, with her husband. 

Gone To Seed | Limited Edition Print by Leigh Schneider