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Frank, the Jellybean Pooping Bunny | Original

Joon-Hee Park

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How can you not be enchanted by a rabbit pooping jellybeans? And when you realise that fluffy bum belongs to a bunny named Frank, the appeal is even greater.

'Frank, the jellybean pooping bunny' is one of three works created by Joon-Hee Park as part of our lockdown challenge exhibition.

Quirky Fox recommends float framing this piece in a simple box frame or have fun with it and introduce some texture through an ornate frame.

Year: 2021

Dimensions: 100mm (w) x 150mm (h)

Medium: Acrylic on paper, polymer varnish

Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

Born in Seoul, Korea, Joon-Hee Park moved to New Zealand with her family at age fourteen. Shortly after moving here, Joon-Hee's main source of inspiration, her father, passed away. An incredible artist, Joon-Hee used to spend hours in his studio watching him paint, describing his studio as her sanctuary, and the smell of oil paints her constant reminder of him.

Having drawn and painted ever since she could remember, Joon-Hee describes her relationship with painting as: "...part of me, it’s something I cannot live without. Sometimes my canvas becomes my reality, it becomes a place where I can escape into.

I explore my childhood memories and dreams through my art. I love how I get to re-live my memories, dreams and fantasies, and see them happening again on my canvas. I am the lead character in most of my paintings, and I often surround myself with my little childhood friends (toys) and sweet animals, dinosaurs, and mythical creatures. I can do anything and be anything in my dream world. It is my ultimate reality; it is pure escapism."