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Finders Keepers | Original

Melinda Jane

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Drenched in colour and photo realism, Melinda Jane blends nature, flora and fauna using airbrushed acrylics on aluminium panels.

The finished work has been framed in a black tray frame.

Year: 2023

Dimensions: 355mm (w) x 410mm (h) unframed, 390mm (w) x 445mm (h) framed 

Medium: Airbrushed Acrylics

Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

Melinda Jane is a New Zealand artist, primarily working in airbrushed acrylics focusing on painting with a high level of detailed realism.

The influence for her work stems from the interconnectivity between art forms in nature, flora and fauna and the small, sometimes overlooked wildlife that inhabit the natural world. Combining this with an interplay of historical design elements she hopes to capture beautiful surreal moments that would otherwise be fleeting, allowing the viewer a glimpse into an environment rich with symbolism and an underlying sense of the harmony that can occur between nature and art.

Finders Keepers  by Melinda Jane | Original art at Quirky Fox
Finders Keepers  by Melinda Jane | Original art at Quirky Fox