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Anika Ramholdt

Ceremony | Original

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Anika Ramholdt brings humour and quirkiness to her original works. Each work tells a multitude of stories, open to interpretation with the title acting as a prompt.

Her 'Ripe Desert' series has been inspired by a recent trip to Central Australia:

"The central Australian desert is a deeply affecting place. Stepping from the plane in Alice Springs, I felt a profound sense of homecoming. I’d never felt so quintessentially Australian, so heart warmed by the soft sun.

The desert brought me to my knees, as I suspected it would, but not as I suspected it would. I imagined the dry, a place of fateful withering, air that sups at your spring til it’s empty. But the desert didn’t kill me, the desert was ripe. Bursting and overflowing, an ancient presence observing me amidst a thick, humming dome of time. Monoliths, microcosms, red earth running through and under, footprints in soft sand, paint running away in the rain." 

Year: 2021

Dimensions: 210mm (w) x 297mm (h)

Medium: Acrylic on ply

Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

Anika Ramholdt is an Australian artist living in Canberra. Upon completing her PhD in Fine Art at Monash University in Melbourne, Anika spent five years living in rural New Zealand. Her work explores themes of identity, nostalgia and longing for people and places, lost or imagined. She is also fascinated by the oscillating nature of personal relationships, between binding and alienating. Anika is attracted to the evocative nature of small works, which invite personal reverie with their balance of wry whimsy, subtle poignancy and tender violence.