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Blue River | Print

Kellie North

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Year: 2023

Image Dimensions: 120mm x 120mm

Matted Dimensions: 220mm x 220mm

Medium: Photograph / digital print

As part of the ‘2023 Mix & Match exhibition’, you can purchase this artwork one of two ways

  • As is, unframed – you will receive your work matted to the size of 220mm with a colour especially chosen by our experienced in-house framer to enhance each artwork. 
  • Add a frame for only $75 – you will receive your work professionally matted and framed. We have a wide range of frames cut to size that you can ‘mix & match’ for a bespoke piece, customised to you.

Quirky Fox: Art + FramingKellie, a Self Portrait Artist moves with practiced precision, working silently, listening to nature and to her own internal landscape. She describes the feeling when drawn intuitively to a landscape, she senses something that resonates, a feeling bubbling to the surface of her mind, an emotion that signals a truth within her. She hopes to capture the moment so she can portray it as a visual story as fully as she experiences it, here and now.

Kellie flows through a series of poses, and as she does, in that moment, she is of the earth, she is an expression of the nature we see around us. Through her musings Kellie is unearthing understandings about nature and our relationship to it, the self, and the female experience and form. Shot by shot, each new insight is exposed.

Her work has been described as visual poetry – it’s highly emotive and unwaveringly evocative. Her art explores the vivid contrast of fluid organic shapes and the natural world, it celebrates their differences yet unites them, creating a lasting impression with the viewer.

Not one for treading the traditional photographic line, Kellie often likes to combine her natural forms and landscapes with surreal elements, using carefully refined composite and digital art techniques.

Blue River | Print