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Balanced Duality | Original

Kerry Jane

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Year: 2024

Image Dimensions: 410mm (w) x 560mm (h)

Framed Dimensions: 510mm (w) x 660mm (h)

Medium: Ink and graphite on Arches paper

Framing Specifications: Cream toned matboard matching artwork paper, ornate charcoal frame. 

Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

Surrounded by the Malvern Hills and with the Cotswolds on her doorstep, it is little wonder that Kerry Jane developed a love for flora and fauna, the intricacies of the natural world and the relationship we have with it.

Self taught, Kerry Jane’s taste and style is constantly evolving but her drive to bring emotion and story telling is consistent through out.

Describing her work as cathartic, the animals portrayed in her works, with birds her favourite muse, tell tales we can all empathise with. Her work reflects modern society’s cutting of ties with nature and the sacrificing of beauty for greed:

”If we could all see what nature could bring us, for our own mental well-being and for the wider community, then maybe things could be different.”

Graphite allows Kerry Jane to capture tiny details while acrylic and oils allow her to add the vibrancy of nature and highlight its beauty. Gold leaf is also a regular feature of her work.

‘Balanced Duality’ original artwork by Kerry Jane
‘Balanced Duality’ original artwork by Kerry Jane