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Anika Ramholdt

Thinky Pinky | Open Edition

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'Thinky Pinky' hides from civilisation in New Zealand's forest. Some believe he escaped to New Zealand after being teased by his relatives for having pink fur and small feet compare to the dark brown hair and big feet the rest of the family are known for.

'Thinky Pinky' is an open edition print recreated from an original painting by Anika Ramholdt on a vintage oil painting found at a charity shop.

Dimensions: 235mm (w) x 336mm (h)

Medium: Open Edition

Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

Anika Ramholdt is an Australian artist living in Canberra. Upon completing her PhD in Fine Art at Monash University in Melbourne, Anika spent five years living in rural New Zealand. Her work explores themes of identity, nostalgia and longing for people and places, lost or imagined. She is also fascinated by the oscillating nature of personal relationships, between binding and alienating. Anika is attracted to the evocative nature of small works, which invite personal reverie with their balance of wry whimsy, subtle poignancy and tender violence.