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Rachel Walker

Tidewatchers | Limited Edition

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Found throughout the country at both coastal and inland freshwater sites, the kingfisher has a wide range of habitats. With its distinctive green-blue back, buff to yellow undersides and a large black bill, the colourful bird makes a captivating sight when hunting.

'Tidewatchers' is a limited edition print carefully reproduced from an original watercolour and salt work by artist Rachel Walker. The use of salt enhanced the depth of the blues, adding texture and vibrancy.

This limited edition print has been signed, titled and numbered by the artist.

Edition Size: 100

Year: 2021

Dimensions: 365mm (w) x 445mm (h)

Quirky Fox: Art + Framing

Napier born artist Rachel Walker (aka Walkerillo) can count living and painting in rural France and London, designing illustrations for the Royal New Zealand ballet, and taking tea in Bilbo Baggin's kitchen among the highlights of her career so far.

Rachel graduated from Massey University in 2008, coming away with a design degree. While her degree leads her into a career in graphic and textile design it wasn't long before long she returned to her childhood love of hand-drawn illustrations.

Currently painting within the theme of animals, extinction and evolution Rachel works mainly in watercolour, ink and stencilled spray paint.