Why Should I Use Custom Framing?

Looking at Framing The most traditional method of displaying artwork and photos is to frame them. There are many different framing options available but most fall into two categories: custom framing (as provided by Quirky Fox) or ready made frames available from big box stores.

Ready-made frames are the most budget friendly and convenient - you walk into a large store, grab the size and colour you want and go home and fit the artwork yourself.

Custom framing is a little more complicated - you go to the framer, have a discussion, leave your artwork and collect the piece in two to three weeks time. When you collect the work it will be ready to hang.


Why should you choose custom framing over a ready made frame?

Custom framing, as the name suggests, is customised to your piece of artwork. It is measured and cut to show your work of to its full potential. The quality of the frame is significantly higher than that use in ready made frames:

  • the moulding (what we often consider the 'frame') is made from timber instead of composite wood or MDF. This gives the frame a lot more strength and will allow the work to be properly hung.
  • the mat board and backing board is archival and acid free. This will protect your artwork and significantly reduce discolouration in the future. 
  • the glass (or glazing) is picked to best suit the artwork and its position in your home. Depending on your artwork you may require reflection control glass, conservation glass or even acrylic. 
  • the frame is sealed to prevent dust or insects entering the frame.
  • the hanging components (wire and d-rings) are selected to suit the size and weight of the frame instead of one size fits all.
  • the overall construction is significantly more robust.
Custom Art and Photo Framing At Quirky Fox
If you would like to show your work or photos to their full potential (and avoid the frustration of finding dust between your art and the glass) contact Quirky Fox and we will help you find a frame that suits your taste and budget while protecting and enhancing your artwork.

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