Weekly Picks - 27 February 2022

Each week we ask one of artists or collaborators to select two of their favourite works from our collection.

This week our guest curator is Anika Ramholdt.

Coming from a graphic design background, Anika Ramholdt once thrived amid the organisational parameters of the profession.

Interestingly, however, in recent years she has embraced a far looser creative approach that prioritizes the pleasure of the art making process as well as visual dynamics.

She elaborates:

"For a long time, I was tense and emotionally fraught, so my work was more about the message behind it rather than the pleasure of making....which is everything."


Weekly Picks - 27 February by Anika Ramholdt

 California Quail by Chris Gullery

California Quail by Chris Gullery

I love this piece because the California Quail is so fat and pompous with his ridiculously regal plume. I'm pretty sure that if he was in my space I'd be talking to him regularly and deferring to his better judgement. Gullery's paint work is so beautiful and the feather details are mesmerising.


Muyini by Rachelle Sutherland

Muyini by Rachelle Sutherland

My kids and I are going through a period of obsession with earth and space sciences. This piece by Sutherland jumped out at me immediately because it has that comforting vibe that only the expansive magnificence of ecological time can convery. It encapsulates that old world wonder of science and magic. I love it when art offers a moment of reverie that takes you back to a place of natural awe.

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