'Kingfisher | Sculpture' by Chris Gullery at Quirky Fox

Weekly Picks - 13 February 2022

Each week we ask one of artists or collaborators to select two of their favourite works from our collection.

This week our guest curator is Justine Hawksworth

We have worked with Justine since Quirky Fox first started and been lucky to develop a long lasting friendship with this talented Auckland artist.

Justine is particularly known for her ability to use unusual canvases including vintage wooden oars, hand beaten copper, old maps and even breadboards.


Weekly Picks - 13 February by Justine Hawksworth

Golden Tear by Steve Cascalheira

Golden Tear by Steve Cascalheira

Picked for its wood grain texture and use of gold leaf.

Kingfisher by Chris Gullery

Kingfisher by Chris Gullery

Beautiful crafted with stunning colours and details.

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