Weekly Art Picks - Rachelle Sutherland - 13 March

Each week we ask one of our artists or collaborators to share their taste and preferences in art by recommending two works from our current collection they would happily hang in their home.

This week we ask emerging artist, Rachelle Sutherland, for her picks from the Quirky Fox collection.

As an artist, Rachelle's preferred style of pointillism means each pieces she creates consists of thousands and thousands of dots with the placement and size of each precise. Her attention to detail, not to mention patience, is what elevates her work.

Rachelle has a diverse collection of art in her home ranging across mediums and genres so it was a joy to discover her current favourites:


Weekly Art Picks - 13 March by Rachelle Sutherland


Thrown Away by Alexander Landerman

Thrown Away by Alexander Landerman

This piece appeals to me because you can take many meanings from this artwork. To me I see the throw away culture that we live in, not just with material objects but also humans disregard for flora and fauna. 

The grey scale abstract detail of the hare falling is beautiful but eludes sadness as well.


Miss Havisham by Sarah Dolby

Miss Havisham by Sarah Dolby

I love the quirkiness of this artwork, her poise and elongated neck and hands. Her eyes draw you into her face and her look of slight annoyance.

Sarah's painting and use of colours is beautiful, there are so many little details in this work. A real treat for the eyes.

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