Trust Your Taste

Imagine a food you hate. Even the smell of it makes you want to heave. Maybe it's anchovies on pizza, or crunchy peanut butter.

You've tried it.

Given it a chance.

But the texture or taste is something you want to avoid at all costs. It makes you want to immediately brush your teeth or chase the taste away with something else.

Now imagine your best friend or partner loves that particular food. Their go to sandwich is peanut butter and jam. You wouldn't imagine taking half their sandwich or matching your sandwich taste to theirs.

Suddenly PB&Js are the trending food seen in all the trendy cafes (just go with us here) and yet you stick with your tastes and can't see the point in pretending to like peanut butter and jelly just because its the "in thing".

Why should you think any differently about art? Your taste in art is yours, it doesn't need to be what is popular or what others approve of. Just as it's ok to loathe anchovies and never want them in your home you may hate abstract art or landscapes and that is your choice.

Everyone's taste in art is influenced by their own experiences and how they connect with it. What one person loves another may hate.  The art in your home should be the same, items you love and connect to not works that are trendy.

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