Quirky Fox at Orange

Understandably, we’re all quite sick and tired of this pandemic – masks and social distancing and vaccinations, oh my!
COVID-19 is, however, an ever-impressive menace to society that is so eager to live on in infamy that it continues morphing in some rather creative ways.
With continuous mutations posing an ongoing threat to public safety, however, New Zealand has responded with various protective measures, the latest of which is the 🚦 Traffic Light and COVID Vaccination Passport System.
Art has always been for everyone and we want it to continue to be so. However, we do face some restrictions due to the size of the gallery.
Under ORANGE all customers are welcome provided you continue to sign in mask up and use hand sanitiser on entry. And most importantly stick to TWO people at a time. This time of year does get a bit crazy so please feel free to browse online and have items couriered to you or ready to collect.
For any future openings or artist events we will require you show your vaccine pass at the door. These events will only occur when we move to GREEN and will allow us to have unrestricted numbers. We want everyone to feel safe at these events and be able to enjoy the art, nibbles and drinks.
Just as we respect your decision to vaccinate or not we ask you to respect our decision to do what is best for us, Quirky Fox and our customers.
💙 🙏 💙
We truly look forward to the day – hopefully in the very near future – when we can see everyone’s bare face emblazoned with a toothy grin. 😁

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