'Fracture/Memory' Original Art by Meredith Marsone

Making a Piece of Art Yours on A Budget

We love seeing the art from Quirky Fox adorning walls other than our own and part of this is making art as accessible as we possibly can.

Quirky Fox has always offered, and continues to offer, different payment solutions including gallery hosted lay-by (or layaway) options as well as external delayed payment options.

Finding the right piece of art for your home takes several factors falling into place: being in the right place (or on the right website) at the right time and having the money to be able to claim it as your own.

If you fall in love with a piece of art from Quirky Fox, whether it's an original or art print, you can contact us to put a piece on hold for 24 hours while you make up your mind or convince your loved one. Please note that we can only hold exhibition works for 12 hours.

If you know immediately that a certain piece of art needs to come home with you we can discuss lay-by or layaway terms.

We offer an in-gallery option of paying off a work over up to 10 weeks. This is available for any work over $90 and can be arranged in the gallery or via email. We do require a 20% deposit to start your lay-by and if for any reason you decide to cancel there is a cancellation fee. 

An alternative to the in-gallery option, particularly if you think you will need a little longer to pay off a particular piece, is through our partnership with Art Money. Art Money allows you to pay a work over up to 10 months with no interest.

If you would like to know more about payment options and terms please check out our full explanation here (it explains all the fine print) or get in contact via phone (06 2786909) or email (hello@quirkyfox.co.nz)

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