‘Deep Waters’ - press release

‘Deep Waters’ is an invitational exhibition, two years in the making with the participating artists first contacted in 2020. 

Opening 15 July, ‘Deep Waters’ showcases the work of 21 new contemporary artists based in New Zealand and internationally. Many of the artists involved are exclusive to the gallery within New Zealand and recognised by a global audience in the new contemporary art scene.

‘Deep Waters’ is not only a celebration of Quirky Fox’s tenth anniversary but also a celebration of the evolution of the gallery.

The theme ‘Deep Waters’ is inspired by the F.T. McKinstry quote:

“In the calm, deep waters of the mind, the wolf awaits”.

For the curator and owner of the gallery, Vicki Fox, the quote speaks of the inner strength we all have, a strength that is being tested more and more by current events. Each participating artists was free to interpret the quote in their own style, resulting in a collection of sculptures and paintings across various mediums. 

Each artist has pushed their own boundaries and produced extraordinary works.

 The exhibition will open with a reception at South Taranaki Funeral Services Friday 15 July from 5pm. A collector’s preview will be available prior to this by emailing the gallery at hello@quirkyfox.co.nz.

The full exhibition will be available to view at Quirky Fox, 205a High Street, Hawera from the following Monday or online at www.quirkyfox.co.nz

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